Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dylan the Dog

This is Dylan, The kids Weimaraner. He is a very special doggy. He shares the house with Lilly - a chocolate Lab. He has been enrolled in behavior classes so that when the baby comes he will behave. Well, while I was up there visiting it seemed to me that it wasn't Dylan who was the one with a behavior problem, it is Lilly. Look at that face - he is so cute and neurotic! He is not suppose to come into the area in which he is approaching as they are trying to train both Lilly and Dylan to stay out of the living room that way they can have the baby in there and the dogs won't go near him. Someone needs to tell on Lilly! Dylan you have to speak up for yourself! Go tell on her!! Poor Dylan. (Don't tell Lilly - but Dylan is my favorite!)

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