Sunday, April 12, 2009

Becca's Birthday Bash at In Cahoots

The Party Pals, Mike & Letty, Ramiro & Teresa and Ray & I crashed Becca's Birthday Bash at In Cahoot's in Fullerton. She wanted to have a party with her friends and go line dancing at the local club In Cahoots. When I asked her if the "Party Pals" could go she said no, so of course I said "Oh, Okay" and then we were all over it to make sure we crashed her party! She was so surprised when we arrived and I believe after it was all said and done she was happy we were there. We had such a great time and even tried a little western style dancing!
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Lynne Coxen & Aunt Jackie Fields visit

Aunt Jackie Fields and her daughter Lynne came to visit California. They are from North Carolina and my mom and Jackie have been close most of their lives. My sister Patti hosted an afternoon and dinner for them at her home in Mission Viejo. Everyone was there to visit with them and we had a great evening sharing family stories and celebrating my nephew Sam's 16th Birthday.

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My Niece Bailey joins the sewing club!

This is Bailey, she is my niece, my brother Rob's daughter. One night she came and spent the night as her brother Sam was going to a semi-formal dance with his school and she needed something to do. We decided to sew so she brought her mom's machine over and she made this Easter pillowcase for herself. She is a great seamstress like her mom and I can't wait to see all the things she creates.
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Happy 27th Birthday Becca!

Our dear old neighbors were in town and stopped by to visit on just what happened to be Becca's birthday. L to R Joan Lodding, Becca, Neesee (Denise) Liborio and Megan Liborio.

Neesee and Megan brought Becca a beautiful birthday cake for us to sing around and share!

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Sewing Class 101

This February Claire invited me to join a sewing class through Capo School District. I thought well I might get some gifts made for the holidays if I was forced to spend each Monday from 5-8 p.m. sewing. So I asked her to sign me up! Well, sadly the class was cancelled due to lack of interest and Claire came up with an alternate plan! I am teaching these ladies how to sew! First let me say that 3 of these lovely ladies are Elementary School Teachers with whom I work with and the other is my sister Patti. I don't teach, never have, never wanted to, don't have the patience they do to handle 30 some children in a classroom setting preparing them for the years ahead! But they convinced me and off we were. Now instead of them having patience with their students, they have to have patience with me in trying to teach! We are having so much fun and I truly feel as though I am able to give something of myself that I treasure and that is the art of sewing. We have made several projects pillow cases, crayon rolls, shopping totes, aprons, pin cushions and each one has a special project that they are working on in addition to a class project each week. They are so talented and are so willing to learn. I must say that I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to share with each of them. I will be sharing pictures of our projects on my blog so stay tuned and see what these creative ladies come up with!
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Reba McEntire Concert at the Honda Center

My husband Ray is the best guy! He bought us tickets to see Reba in concert at the Honda Center for Valentines Day. I am looking forward to seeing her again at Stagecoach. She is so warm and friendly. The music of course was her best. Thanks honey for such a wonderful Valentines gift!
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Valentines Cupcakes

My daughter Teresa made this for me for Valentines Day! It is so adorable. I have it on my desk at work and look at it everyday and am so proud of her and all the creative ideas she has. She is extremely creative and if you would like to see some of her things make sure you check out her website at She currently has a contest going so check it out and make sure you enter it - she has a beautiful Easter surprise just waiting to be won! Good Luck!
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Gotta Love That Face!

When I was a little girl we had "Pop" beads. We made all sorts of things with them. When I was at Wal-Mart in their craft department I spotted a box and couldn't believe they still made them. Of course I had to get them for Emily and as you can see we had lots of fun creating jewelry.
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Bath Time for Jack

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Happy Anniversary Jeremy & Teresa

Jeremy and Teresa had their first anniversary February 9th, 2009. Congratulations
you two! I know you will enjoy all the wonderful years you have ahead of you. We love you both so much and are so happy for you.
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Valentines Day - My Special Cupids!

Teresa and Emily donning the aprons that I made them for Valentines Day. They are made from kitchen towels I found at Tuesday Mornings. Emily's has pockets because she needs pockets for all of her special tools for the kitchen! Teresa's has an additional towel to wipe hands on when cooking or baking.
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Valentines Day - Scribner Bend Vineyards

On Valentines day, we drove out to Scribner Bend. This is where Jeremy and Teresa were married just a year ago! It as a beautiful day and the weather cooperated and allowed us to walk around the vineyard and enjoy the views of the land. The grapevines had not leafed out as yet but I am sure they will begin soon. We were able to view the barrel room and had a tour by the owners. Of course we did a bit of wine tasting too!
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February 2009 - Teresa making Ebelskiver Filled-Pancakes

If you have an inclinkling to make Ebelskiver Filled-Pancakes you have to try the pan that Williams Sonoma sells. It comes with recipes and ideas. As you can see they were gobbled up! We filled them with Pumpkin Butter, Jeremy's mom Cindy's homemade boysenberry jam and a cinnamon sugar mixture (recipe available at Williams). They were then topped with whipping cream, cream cheese powdered sugar icing and devoured in moments!