Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kitchen Renovation 2006-2007

We are hoping that we can redo our floor sometime this year and that will finish our kitchen remodeling for now. We love the granite counter tops. We will have to continue flooring into the family room also and down our hallway. We are looking at bamboo but haven't made up our minds definitely.

Dillon, Emily and Lilly

Dillon, Emily and Lilly are just the best of friends. As you can tell they are so patient with Emily and are great playmates for her. We are growing very fond of them. They seem to wiggle and waggle their way into your heart.


Georgetown, CA. Teresa and Jeremy sharing a bit of their dreams. This is a piece of property they hope to build a home. It is so beautiful and peaceful. We know that someday their dreams will come true! They are such a great couple and make a truly loving family.

Emily's Room

2-22-07 My visit to Sacramento was filled with many unforgetable moments with Jeremy, my daughter Teresa and grandaughter Emily. Emily and I picked out fabric to make her valance for her room. She sat by as patient as a 4 year old could while I sewed them for her. We think they are adorable and hope Mommy and Daddy does too!
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Emily at Fairy Tale Park, Sacramento,CA

On my recent visit to see Emily we visited Fairy Tale Park near the Sacramento Zoo in Sacramento CA. It was so fun and Emily and I had so much fun we named it The Emily and Gramma Park! She is my sweet pea as you can see from her picture!