Sunday, February 22, 2009

When I was younger with my brother Rob . . .

Can you imagine growing up the youngest and having three older sisters? We loved Rob so much, even though we truly terrorized him unrelentlessly. Sorry for the blurry pictures they were taken quite a few years ago!

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My Baby Jack

Early morning hours and a sweet baby,
Nothing better to help heal the heart.
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Rock a bye my baby!

Becca has the magic touch and the arms to hang in there and rock Jack until he was fast asleep.

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One of Rob's Favorite Places

After Rob's memorial service on Saturday, we all decided we should go to the beach. The beach was one of Rob's favorite places. He loved to surf on his longboard. It was a long day for all of us but the sunset was beautiful and just being there made things seem just a bit easier and gave me something to remind me of him. I love my family so much for their love and support during this time.
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Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Brother Robby May 28, 1963 - January 25, 2009

This is a picture of my little brother Robby when he was a toddler. I love him with all my heart. He passed away on January 25th 2009. He fought really hard to get well, but God wanted to call him home. I know he is in heaven and that he is at peace. I just wanted to let all my friends know how much I appreciate the prayers and support over the last few months. His family is grieving and they could really use your prayers to find the strength to get through this sad and heartbreaking time. I know that with time we will begin to recall all the great times we had with him and the sad times won't seem so fresh on our hearts. Posted by Picasa

Heading back home

Posted by PicasaThey packed up all the Christmas presents, the kids and even Lillie the dog and they were headed back home. It was such a blessing to have them home for the holidays.
Thanks for such a wonderful surprise Jer & T!

The World Champions of Napping!

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In case you missed the previous pictures . . .

Some More Napping!

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Even More Napping

Posted by PicasaThey decided to try out the living room chair this time!

Ray and Jack Napping

Posted by PicasaI think they are both snoring!

The Hord Family

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Opening Gifts on Christmas Morning

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The Shopping Cart!

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Early Christmas Morning

Emily left Cookies and Cocoa for Santa. She even left a very special carrot for the reindeer. She was so surprised that they ate everything. She had left him a letter asking him for a shopping cart. Santa came through once again.Posted by Picasa

Rockin' Christmas Eve

Teresa and Jeremy went out on Christmas Eve day and bought Rock Band for the Wii! We played most of the evening waiting for Santa to arrive.
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Special Christmas Surprise

Jeremy, Teresa, Emily, Jack and Lillie weren't able to get up to the property due to a snow storm right before Christmas and they decided to come down and surprise us for the holidays. What a wonderful gift it is to have two adorable grandchildren under our Christmas tree. We know what a difficult and long drive this is for them and especially with a brand new baby. We didn't think we would see them until January or February. Thank you for making our holiday so wonderful.

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