Saturday, September 27, 2008

Final Products

I thought that the Maple Pecan mix was going to be a lot lighter in texture. It is like a quick bread. Hmmm . . . maybe that is why it said quick bread on the package! The recipe for the icing to put between the acorns is flavored with the Maple Pecan spread - now in just tasting it straight out of the jar I don't have many encouraging words, but when you add butter, vanilla, powdered sugar, milk well then it was really sweet and yummy but then again what isn't good with butter & sugar. It says on the jar that you can put it on pancakes or waffles but I am just not too sure of that. I just used a vanilla glaze on the punkins and they were yummy. I had to cut quite a bit off the tops of both the muffins and the acorns to create the flat bottoms. I want to try a spice cake next time. By the way there is a really cute loaf pan at WS in the shape of a garden full of punkins!
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Williams of Sonoma Baking Pans

Ray and I were shopping at our local mall for a present (not for me) and we just happened by Williams Sonoma Store. In the front window was a display of the most adorable acorn pan. Well after whining, pleading and down right begging I purchased it! Is it now the cutest little pan ever! I can't believe they even made the shape of the pan into an acorn. Got squirrels?!!
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Japanese Anenome in Full Bloom

I think these have to be my all time favorite flower in my all white garden. They come at the end of summer beginning of fall when the garden is just starting to change and all the other plants are just so tired and ready for bed. If you have a shady, moist spot you might want to try them. They take up quite a bit of space but completely die down in the winter and don't get too huge until mid summer. At least that is what they do at our So. Cal. location. Posted by Picasa

Japanese Anenome's "Waiting for the Bloom"

I have to learn to be patient . . . it is really hard sometimes. Especially when I know what is coming soon. If I had my garden to plant over I would plant more of these for sure! They are show stoppers! The plant itself is about 5 feet high in full bloom and 3-4 feet wide. It totally dies back in winter and just peeks out in spring, it doesn't really get to full size until mid summer. Posted by Picasa

Along came a spider . . .

Along came a spider that sat down beside her and scared poor Miss Muffet away!
We have had so many spiders especially black widows like the one pictured above. I know we need to share our "space" I just wish they were a little more inconspicuous.Posted by Picasa


This time of year we have so many beautiful things in the garden. This I believe is a swallowtail. Posted by Picasa

Can I get an Amen!

This praying mantis was so fun to capture with my new camera. She kept looking at me and moving ever so slowly. I think she is smiling for the camera! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Summer's End Party at Terry & Esther's

Games, Dancing and Food - no better combination.Posted by Picasa Terry and Esther held their annual Summer's End Party this weekend. Terry being the master BBQer that he is prepared gourmet burgers and hot dogs with his secret ingredients!
I sure hope we get invited back next year!

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Letty's Surprise 55th Birthday Extravaganza

Marisa and Danielle toasted to their wonderful mom on her 55th birthday. They surprised her by transforming their home into "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Everyone wore their "little black dresses" for the girls and the guys wore black dress shirts and slacks. There was ephemera from the movie placed in vignettes in different areas of the house. Marisa's friend Christine is an avid collector of everything from that time frame and she helped the two girls decorate for the party with her collection. It was truly a magical evening.

Happy Birthday Letty!

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Breakfast at TIffany's - Letty's Surprise 55th Birthday Extravaganza

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The Big 30 for Fred!

Marisa threw her husband Fred a super fun Suprise Birthday Party!Posted by Picasa

Labor Day Weekend Camping Trip

We started out our weekend at the local bar down the street. It was so much fun. They have karaoke night on Fridays. The next day we went back to a winery that we had been to quite a while ago looking for a specific wine for Esther. It is La Cereza Winery in Temecula. Terry was our designated driver. The Raspberry Champagne they have there is so good. Of course we each came home with a bottle or two! The RV resort always has a dinner they host over all the holiday weekends. This time it was a Luau. They roasted a pig! Everyone brings a share dish and there was plenty of food for all. It was a fun filled, action packed fun time with the PP's!

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Dylan the Dog

This is Dylan, The kids Weimaraner. He is a very special doggy. He shares the house with Lilly - a chocolate Lab. He has been enrolled in behavior classes so that when the baby comes he will behave. Well, while I was up there visiting it seemed to me that it wasn't Dylan who was the one with a behavior problem, it is Lilly. Look at that face - he is so cute and neurotic! He is not suppose to come into the area in which he is approaching as they are trying to train both Lilly and Dylan to stay out of the living room that way they can have the baby in there and the dogs won't go near him. Someone needs to tell on Lilly! Dylan you have to speak up for yourself! Go tell on her!! Poor Dylan. (Don't tell Lilly - but Dylan is my favorite!)

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This one had a small crack across the top so we just had to eat it to hide the evidence!

I was sharing with Teresa about "The Pioneer Woman's" blog and how her recipes were really fantastic. I had tried a few of them recently and was so impressed with how easy and clear her directions and recipes are. We were looking at all of them and came across the recipe for these so we baked them up. If you love buttery rich, cinnamonny sugary scrumdelicious muffins you have to try these. Keep in mind that there are two sticks of butter that you melt and roll the baked muffins in before you sugar them up! They are to die for!!!!! Her blog address is up on the right of this blog check it out when you get a chance.

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The Nursery for Baby Jack

Jeremy is such a thoughtful, generous guy! He wanted me to be able to see the crib his parents bought for Jack and the bedding assembled before I had to leave to come back home. So after working such long hours he put the crib together and then drove me to the airport. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful son-in-law. Ron and Cindy need to be complimented on raising such a fine son. It is definitely a reflection of what wonderful parents they are too. Thanks Jeremy for doing this for me. I love you!
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Taking Emily to School

Emily was so excited every morning for school. I was able to take her to school and meet her teacher, the office staff and see her classroom. I know that I was up there during a hard time in the kids life but I sure enjoyed the benefits of seeing Emily in her daily life.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Emily - Miss Independent

Emily is such a big girl - every morning she would get up and make her lunch for school. She is so independent she didn't even want my help! That's okay cause I am so proud of her and know that she is up there helping her mommy and daddy while they wait for Baby Jack.

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