Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Robin and her Family

"My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather." Loire Harwould

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Couple of items to share - TV Show & Blog

While visiting with my brother Rob and my sister-in-law Doreen this summer they shared a TV program that is on very late at night. Well as most of you know I go to bed around 9:00 p.m. Remember I am an early riser too and most mornings awake at 6:00 a.m. Thank goodness for our DVR! The name of the show is The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It is hilarious and I have now been waking up having my morning latte and watching it. Please use caution if you have little ones as this program can be a little risque and has subject matters for mature audiences only! I love Craig Ferguson's facial expressions. They are priceless. Take a look - not for everyone!

The other thing that I have been looking at is a blog of this young woman who is incredible. Her blog is:
http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/ She has some great ideas, recipes, photos and stories to share take a gander at her sight also. Read the story of how she met her husband. It is really romantic if you are into that and may bring a few tears to your eyes depending on your mood!

Hernandez Family Picnic - July 2008

We are so happy to be able to have Emily this summer during the same time Ray's family gets together at Irvine Park for their annual family picnic. She had so much fun and we had so much fun watching her have fun. She made friends with Ali who is our niece. They played all day and she even took a nap during the picnic's volleyball game!
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Irvine Park Hernandez Family Picnic

Emily upside down!

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Orange County Fair - Starring Emily as the Farmer

I couldn't quite decide between the "Farmer in the Dell" or "Green Acres is the Life for me" for this heading so I guess you can choose which one you like!
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OC Fair - She loved milking the cow!

Emily was determined to fill that bucket with milk. She started on one side of the cow and then switched over to the other. I believe she is well trained now and will be able to help her mom milk their mini cow!
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OC Fair - Our Town!

We just had to take a picture of this! Mission Viejo FFA! Notice the pig in Em's hands? Papa won it for her by throwing darts at the balloons! He is quite a marksmen! Posted by Picasa

OC Fair - What you lookin at?

This picture is dedicated to my friend Crystal - whom I will miss but I know I will miss her daily "mooing" the most. Good luck at Aliso.

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OC Fair - Emily & The Livestock

Emily was so excited to be able to see the animals at the fair. I am sure they will have a few of these at their property soon. She was not so sure about the camel and he was the sweetest thing - although I have heard they are not especially friendly. This little guy was so cute and his big eyes just got to you! She loved the baby chicks over in the educational area. BTW that is a cows hind end she is trying to pet if you couldn't recognize the species!
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OC Fair - Food

I don't know about anyone else but that had to be the biggest hot dog I had ever seen! Note to future fair goers - eat after the rides! The food at the fair is as big as the Giant Ferris Wheel!

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OC Fair - More Rides

Emily had so much fun at the fair - she wanted to ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel twice - the first time she sat there in motionless just amazed at how high she was and how far she could see. The second time she was a little more wiggly if you know what I mean. On the bumper cars Papa and Emily were quite the Mario and Danica of that ride! Of course you see me on the Merry-go-Round with Em and that is just about my speed!

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Orange County Fair - Giant Slide

Papa and Emily went down this slide twice. Poor Papa had to climb the stairs all the way to the top twice too! Papa is such a good sport!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Slumber Party with Cousin Bailey

Emily wanted Cousin Bailey to come over to Gramma's and have a slumber party with her. Bailey is such a sweetie she spent the morning before we picked her up sewing an apron for Emily. Emily and Bailey played restaurant and splashed each other in the inflatible pool. They even had menu's they made from the craft paper. Bailey brought her makeup and Emily loved having Bailey "make her up". GG Betty (great-gramma) came out and spent sometime with the two of them also. We are so fortunate to be able to have all this time with our sweet pea! I don't want the week to end!
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Emily helps Aunt Lynnie

Lynn and Steve are driving to Wisconsin this summer to see Lynn's parents and help them out. Emily and Gramma were on watering duty to make sure all of Lynn's plants survived the summer heat. Lynn surprised Em with special presents for her just for helping her out. This is a bubble whistle that she was so excited to use right away. Emily's job was to leave a dish of cool water for the birdies in the backyard and to help water the plants with the watering can. She also ate strawberries, tomatoes and plums that just happenend to be ripe! Isn't that a lucky thing! It was so fun watching her pick the fruits and eat them right then and there. Thanks Aunt Lynnie!

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Auntie Becca & Emily spend the day

Emily had a fun day at Uncle Matthew and Auntie Becca's.
They swam, walked and slid down a very fast slide!
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Snakes, Frogs & Dragonflies are just a few of the creatures at J & T's Property!

When I go fishing
I'm always wishing
Some fish will be my prize;
But while I'm fishing
the fish are wishing

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stumpy Meadows Lake - Picnic & Swimming

Jeremy and Teresa wanted to take us to Stumpy Meadows for a picnic. We drove what didn't seem like very long and we came across this beautiful lake. I have copied some information from a website to give you more information about this lake. When they say it is a mini version of Tahoe that couldn't be further from the truth.
Stumpy Meadows reservoir is a 320-acre lake on Wentworth Springs Road east of Georgetown via Highway 193. This is a beautiful lake; it’s like a miniature version of Lake Tahoe with all the pines around you! We had a wonderful day of swimming, floating, fishing and relaxing with the family. This is just a short drive from "The Property". Stumpy Meadows reservoir is in the El Dorado National Forest.
The nearest town to Jeremy and Teresa is Georgetown. You will find a grocery store, a post office, restaurants, gym, hardware store, medical/eye/dental facilities, pre school, hair salons, real estate offices, automotive/motorcycle shops. Pizza, laundry matt, veterinary. If you blink when you drive through it you may just miss it - so keep an eye out as it is a beautiful and peaceful city.
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Rays Surprise Visit and "The Property" as Em refers to it as. . .

Ray was able to take a few days off so he flew in and surprised Emily! We drove up to the property to stay a few days. There is always work that needs to be done and walks that need to be walked and sittin that needs to be sat! This will be their home in the near future!

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Boy or Girl?

Teresa, Cindy (T's mom-n-law), Jeremy and myself were able to go to the ulstrasound appointment. I was very excited and couldn't wait to find out what they were going to have.

What else would you expect to see in that office? At least it helped pass the time!!!

The technician was so sweet. She took nearly an hour and explained everything to Jeremy and Teresa. It was so fun and exiciting to actually be able to see our baby! It was moving and wiggling and we got to see the heart beat. Truly life is such a miracle.

Well this is the first image we saw - look at that profile! What do you think boy or girl?

And then the technician took the pointer and said "see this" and we said "yes" and we all laughed and made comments and Jeremy was so proud and we couldn't believe it. Jack L Hord will be coming to our lives sometime in the late days of November. I know it is hard to tell but the white straight line in the center of the picture is pointing at Jack's you know what!!


Water, water and then again more water

What is it about water and kids - we played pratically everyday in the water! Emily loves getting wet and she loves getting me wet too! She is such a big girl and helps out so much. I can't believe I got to be with her for two whole weeks! So much fun!

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