Friday, August 28, 2009

Terry and Esther Bromfield are dear friends of ours and we would like to share this with you:

This is a story written about Travis and his plight with cancer. Please read and then forward to everyone you know, also log onto this site and read stories about other soldiers.
Terry & Esther Bromfield

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Subject: R. B. Stuart: "New"
Huffington Post feature:"The Harley to Heaven"
Date: Thursday, August 27, 2009, 5:50 PM

Good Afternoon:
For those of you who have been supporting my work of soldiers returning from Iraq with cancer. My latest feature for The Huffington Post:
"The Harley to Heaven:" Soldier Dies From Cancer Before Tour Ends
Please visit and share the following links. Click on the link or copy & paste it into your browser:
The permanent link to the published post can be found at the following address
After reading the story, if you scroll further down you can read the readers comments....or write one of your own, and help generate exposure for these soldiers story's.
It will also be permanently listed with the other posts in my author archive at the following address:
Thank you for your support. Yours ---R. B.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun times with family & friends

We had so much fun together! Thanks so much for staying at the Hernandez Hideaway Hotel!
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Sweet Emily

Emily has the best expressions
and she is so happy to share
them with you!
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The Many Faces of Jack

The kids were down for a short vacation and we just had the best time! Jack is getting so big. He is 9 months old this month! What a wonder little boys are!
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Friday, August 07, 2009

A Father's Work is Never Done!

Becca is in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the ESA Conference doing her talk on Biological Soil Crusts this week and left her car at our house. Ray saw that her window was broken so he fixed it. Kind of permanently fixed it - it won't roll down but at least she won't be driving around with her window half down!
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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Margaritas at Las Casuelas Nuevas

Posted by PicasaRay had their infamous 1800 Tequila Margarita and I had their Cadillac Margarita they were deliciouso!

Agua Caliente Hotel & Casino - Palm Springs

Ray decided I needed some bling on the Beemer so he shopped until he found exactly what I needed! Then we decided we needed to try them out on the road so after getting back from Reno we decided we needed a mini trip to Palm Springs! If this is what retirement is like well bring it on!! Ray has had the month of July off and we are having the best time! Can't wait to go to Laughlin soon!
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Saturday, August 01, 2009

4th of July Fair - T's CTMH Booth

On the 4th of July, the City of Garden Valley has a parade and fair. Teresa had a CTMH booth and we got to help her set up and spend the day at the park. It was fun, the kids were fabulous and the people in the area are so kind and genuinely welcoming.
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My backyard is a forest and oh yeah so is my frontyard!

Posted by PicasaCan you imagine a 40 acre yard to play in? Trees, trees and more trees! I bet there is one out there that needs a tree house built in it!

Papa's Corral - Day 2

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Papa's Corral

The men worked so hard for two full days setting 400 feet of fencing for "Papa's Corral" They have been having problems with a nasty old mountain lion that took 2 of their goats so they thought if they had a more permanent structure it may help deter the mountain lion. They fell the trees for the posts, poured concrete, set up T-posts and installed the aluminum "no climb" fencing on the posts. Ray worked hard and I think he proved himself as a real cowboy in the ranching world! I know we came away from this vacation with a real respect of what it is like day to day living on a ranch!
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Happy Faces

Emily sure loves her baby brother Jack - just look at that smile!
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Quad riding through Quartz Ridge Ranch

Posted by PicasaRay and I took a beautiful ride through Quartz Ridge Ranch and surrounding areas. Jer & T are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place!

Swimming at the Ranch!

Why is it that kids love water so much! Emily would live in a pool if she could. She has been that way since she was a baby. Her Daddy set her pool up by the shop. She has quite a view from there!
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