Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Country Weekend in the City

Mike, Letty, Ray and I left for the Bonaventure Hotel on Sunday afternoon, checked into our hotel and dressed for dinner before the boys dropped us off for Keith Urban's concert at the Staples Center. We ate dinner at The Stinking Rose and came out smelling like a rose, a garlic rose that is! The boys dropped us off at the front of the Staples Center and we entered the building to find a huge excited crowd awaiting the evening's performances by first Sugarland and then Keith Urban. I was so excited to see Sugarland - honestly more excited to see Sugarland than Keith. But to my sorrow Sugarland could not perform due to illness but Lady Antebellum was there to open the show. They were rockin' the place and so humble to be there. When Keith came out it was obviously so exciting and the crowd was going crazy. Dani, Letty's daughter got us the tickets and they could not of been better seats as far as we were concerned. We were on the floor on the aisle. Keith walked right by us on his way to a temporary area set up for him to be closer to his fans. See the close up photo in the collage. Everyone screamed when he said: "Now who has the best seats!" We were literally 15 feet from him. He is so talented and an incredible musician and a very warm and sincere person. He won me over and he is now one of my top musicians. After the concert the boys picked us up and we went to the brewery at the Bonaventure for some much needed Mud Pie! It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening. Despite the fact I brought two right shoes of two different pairs of shoes and darn had to wear my cowboy boots to the concert! The next morning we spent poolside and then off to Philippe's for lunch. They have been opened since early 1908! It was so fun and the french dipped sandwiches they are famed for were delicious! The boysenberry pie wasn't too bad either!
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