Sunday, June 28, 2009

Western Workwear for Ray

We decided for Father's Day we were going to get Ray Western Workwear so I don't have to worry about him out on the ranch with Jeremy and Teresa this summer. The thing that worries me are the _______. Now those are the things that I really don't like! I don't like them so much I just can't use their name on my blog. Now I know many of you like, and heaven forbid, love _______ but I don't and I don't want my husband bit by one! So there we are! He is now ready to work the ranch with Jeremy and Teresa and I won't have to worry. Although there are bears, mountain lions and other things it just is the ______ that really bother me. Okay enough about the _________. So what do you think about the Wranglers? Think they make a fashion statement here in OC? What about those Ariat boots? Boot Barn is now my favorite place to shop for ranch clothes! If you have never been to a Boot Barn go check it out they have some really hot things for that cowboy in your life!
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