Monday, August 18, 2008

Crazy for Yo Yo's!

I can't help myself I see Yo Yo's everywhere! I found this fleece jacket at TJ Maxx on clearance and thought Em might be able to use it for Kindergarten. Then the Yo Yo bug hit! I went coo coo for Yo Yo's! Becca gave me this new tote and thought I could do something with it - well the Yo Yo's took over!

These are so fun to make and now Clover has a new Yo Yo Maker and a Yo Yo Flower Maker that makes them even better. The difference between making them free handed and with the Yo Yo Maker is that the Yo Yo's lay down very neatly and evenly. And for those of you who don't know me - neat and precise is very important! I highly recommend the maker and if you use your 40 percent off coupon at Joann's you will save quite a bit and you can purchase one for under $5.00. This is the website for Clover: They have unique sewing and crafting products. They carry the Yo Yo makers also.

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The Robin Family said...

I love Emily's jacket. It looks like it came from a boutique.