Saturday, September 18, 2010

September, 2010 Aqua Caliente Resort & Casino

We decided while celebrating our anniversary and Letty's birthday in Palm Springs to head on over to Aqua Caliente Resort & Casino for some fun. The menfolk were on the 21 table and Letty and I decided to do a little shopping. While in the gift shop a lady asked if anyone was interested in seeing Cheryl Crow in concert in about 20 minutes? Letty and I looked at each other, wondered what the catch was, asked how much, she said free! We gladly accepted the offer, called the boys on the cell phones, met up with them, shared our story and went off to the concert. When we were waiting in line to be seated, we were so excited and were curious as to where our seats may be located. Low and behold these were premium seats, with their own dinner service, bartender and bar! It was such a wonderful surprise and the concert was incredible.Posted by Picasa

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