Monday, October 13, 2008

Couture Hopsital Gowns & Accessories

I found a website that will allow you to down load a pattern for free or a donation if you wish at There is another blog that has a photograph of the gown she made for herself at .

I decided to make the headband, pocket (which hides where the electrodes go - there is a buttonhole about 5" long inside the pocket) and sleeve cuffs all with contrasting fabric. In talking to a certain someone who will be receiving this as a gift she requested a pillowcase too. Luckily I purchased another contrasting print in the set and voila a pillowcase!

For those of you who are interested, I made this the full size of the pattern and I also cut extra in the back to cover the hiney.

I used snap tape at both of the shoulders so it can be opened for nursing. There are also one buttons and buttonholes at each neck opening. There are only two ties on the back, but after talking with the certain someone we decided not to put three as I originally thought because then when you were in labor you possibly would be sitting on a knot! You obviously are uncomfortable enough as it is without a knot on your hiney!

It didn't take that long to assemble about one and a half hours total time for all.

I also made the side seams french style so there are no open raw edges to rub on the delicate side of the mother to be! Remember to double click on the pics to see close up but remember don't look too closely and keep those comments kind!

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The Robin Family said...

Awesome. I love the fabric for the pillow case. JoAnns?

Angie said...

Carol, I love this!! Your daughter is going to look so fab while she delivers that baby.