Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well I have to admit I had to check into this tagging business! I have been blogging for two years this August and I am always learning something new. Angie tagged me so here are my 7 facts about myself. The only problem I have is that I don't know 7 people who have not been tagged already.

1. I can wiggle my ears.

2. My husband and I have known each other since I was 16 and he was 21 (don't tell my children!)

3. My husband taught me how to whistle and for the longest time I could only whistle by sucking in air.

4. I pray that someday there would be a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. My youngest sister Patti has it and battles daily with it.

5. Ray and I are having so much fun being empty nesters. We married very young and started our family as soon as we had purchased a home. Needless to say we didn't have a lot of time for us in those early years but we are making up for lost time. I would love to share with all my young married friends that the most important thing in your relationship with your husband is to keep each other the priority in your lives. Your spouse should be numero uno! It will pay off for both of you later on when your children have grown and left your home for theirs.

6. The first car I drove was a lime green Maverick! That was in 1973. It was a beaut!

7. I know how to drive a Kubota Commercial Tractor with a front loader and rear scraper.

Some of those are pretty random!

I tag Patty Fuller!


Angie said...

Oh Carol, you were so scandalous... I love it. Love your new template!

Teresa said...

Uh...we knew how old you were when you met Dad :-) It isn't a secret! I think it is funny you put the fact about the tractor!